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Concrete cutting is serious work, best left to specialists who know exactly what they are doing. Don’t make the mistake of hiring contractors who only cut concrete on the side, focused mainly on other services.

Ace Concrete Cutting LLC has been in this business for over 30+ years, primarily serving Marion, IA, and the surrounding communities. We offer quick and reliable work by experienced professionals at competitive rates: high expertise, low risk, cutting-edge equipment. We get things done right, and we get them done on time!

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Concrete Cutting

Ace Concrete Cutting LLC is a full-service operation, boasting the experience and equipment necessary to accommodate every client requirement. Being specialized in concrete cutting enables us to offer top-shelf service at an affordable cost.

We’ve helped countless homeowners and their construction crews complete building or renovation projects on time and under budget. Here’s an overview of the services we provide:

Wall Sawing

Doing new construction or retrofitting an existing building? You’ll want space for power lines and HVAC expertly sawed into concrete walls at a precise depth and angle.

Hand Sawing

Deploying handheld circular saws, we cut through any type of concrete, smoothing out rough edges or opening up spaces with a high degree of precision.

Egress Windows

Installing basement egress windows in compliance with local building codes requires cutting openings of sufficient size into the structure’s foundation.

Basement Bathrooms

When adding a bathroom to a basement, plumbing requires new spaces to be cut into the concrete without undermining the foundational integrity of the building.

Exterior Concrete Work

Concrete decks, patios, fireplaces, walls, and other exterior elements - all cut and shaped to project requirement with perfect precision.


Concrete Drilling

When a concrete surface needs to be altered without cutting away large segments of it, drilling is the answer. Ace Concrete Cutting LLC has the equipment and the expertise needed to perform all concrete drilling operations required for residential or commercial projects, working with a wide variety of concrete-based materials.

Some of our concrete drilling services include:

Core Drilling

We can core apertures in any type of material using diamond-tipped drills, at any angle or depth that your project requires.

Slab Drilling

Need to drill an anchoring hole in a concrete slab? Instead of spending a small fortune on tools so you could DIY, get experts to handle it for you.

Drain Drilling

Drilling a drainage hole in a concrete surface requires the know-how and the equipment that our experienced professionals possess.


Concrete Removal

Ace Concrete Cutting LLC has the experience and equipment necessary to make any concrete removal operation a breeze. Whether it involves demolition or strictly haul away, our highly skilled technicians are at your disposal 24/7, offering efficient and professional service.

Some of our concrete removal services include:


Need to get old masonry or concrete out of the way quickly and efficiently? Reach out to our interior demolition and removal specialists today!

Haul Away

Dispose of the tons of concrete leftover piling up at your construction worksite! Contact us today and take advantage of our cost-effective haul away services.

We Do Work for Commercial & Industrial Projects

We’ve worked on multiple commercial and industrial construction projects, cutting slabs of concrete for roads, bridges, or parking lots. We fully understand the complexity of scale and the importance of honoring deadlines. Contact us today for your next commercial or industrial project!

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